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companion ship for seniors, taxi service for seniors, transport for seniors

companion ship for seniors, taxi service for seniors, transport for seniors

companion ship for seniors, taxi service for seniors, transport for seniors

Testimonials A Little lift is not just a senior taxi or transportation service.  We assist seniors and home bound individuals in the Comox Valley to maintain independent living. Doctor visits, shopping assistance, companionship, medical transportation are all help for seniors Better than just a taxi for seniors we provide full access to senior services
Better than just a taxi for seniors we provide full access to senior services Better than just a taxi for seniors we provide full access to senior services
companion ship for seniors, taxi service for seniors, transportation for seniors companion ship for seniors, taxi service for seniors, transportation for seniors companion ship for seniors, taxi service for seniors, transportation for seniors

We are very proud of what we do and very humbled by what others say about our service in Comox, Courtenay and now Cumberland
Lisa, Brian and the Little Lift Team

As empty nesters our parents relocated to British Columbia. They moved to a senior residential facility where initially the support provided was sufficient. They loved BC and made the difficult decision not to spend their twilight years with their family in Ontario. On a visit to Comox, we realized as our parents continued to age their needs continued to increase and not at the same pace. It was at this time Lisa and her team at A Little Lift were hired to be companions as "extra support" including mental, physical and social stimulation.

The caring, commitment and dedication to our parents has been unmatched. Being so far away is beyond stressful and every one of Lisa’s team members have contributed in an above and beyond capacity with our parents.

Recently our Father declined quickly and there was not time for family to be with him in his final days. With love, respect, kindness and sensitivity Lisa and Catherine cared daily for both our Father while he was dying and our Mother who was losing her best friend, partner and foundation to her life. They sat with our Father daily while in regular communication with all of the children ensuring he had a gentle and loving passing and was never left alone or unattended. They ensured our Mother was thoroughly supported throughout this transition.

After our Father's passing our family came to BC to bring our Mother home but due to medical reasons we were advised that the transition would likely jeopardize her health further so we elected to leave her in the residence under the additional daily care of Lisa and Catherine. The trust that has gone into this most difficult decision is beyond words. We are sent detailed weekly updates, pictures, social and health reports as well as requests and suggestions. They play games, eat with her, take her on outings and to other areas of the residence, play piano for her and ensure she has proper stimulation. We are beyond grateful to have found this team! If we are unable to be in Comox for a holiday Lisa ensures that she or her delegate celebrates with our Mother.

Most importantly the experiences A Little Lift are bringing to our Mother's life in her eighties has returned beauty and fulfillment back into her world!  There are no words to express the gratitude we have for their commitment to their profession!

Geoff, Joe and Rhonda

I highly recommend "A Little Lift". I was so excited to find such a great service in the Comox, Courtenay area. I live in Vancouver and can't always be there to take my parents out . It was so great to have a trustworthy, compassionate company to care for my mom and make sure she had fun on her outing .They went out of their way to make my request happen and make it a fabulous outing for my mom. She was so excited about it .This incredible company has many wonderful service options to choose from. When you can't be there, you can rest assured that they they will take care of you and yours!


We are so thrilled how the caregiver's visits have worked out for Dad. We are sure these visits have extended Dad's days, with the love and companionship that Lisa, Jenette and Catherine give. What better testimonial could there be, Lisa! Thank you all so much. Cheers.


Three years ago my father, Ted, suffered from a sudden decrease in his memory and his ability to make good decisions for himself. He chose to move back to Vancouver Island, where my brother and I live, and to the town he grew up in, Courtenay, BC. Life is hectic. We managed to visit every two weeks or so but it didn’t seem like enough. I decided to investigate services for seniors, and those particularly in care, and discovered there were a few companies who would visit, take out and just be there for Dad when we couldn’t. Thus, ‘A Little Lift’ came into our lives. Since then I am happy to say the ladies who spend time with Dad is invaluable. Through Dad’s ups and downs, physically and mentally, the companionship these ladies offer has been flexible to find out what works, and been there for Dad through his changes. The benefits for Dad are obvious, but the comfort in knowing someone who cares sees him twice a week, every week, for the past 3 years is so worthwhile. Thank you Lisa and Catherine for all you do for Ted. His family so appreciates it!


Lisa Saunders (Owner) has been a great help driving and assisting me with grocery shopping for almost a year. I'm very happy with the service she supplies. Jenette (Team Member) has been coming twice a week for almost a year. She keeps my home very clean without any input from myself. As with Lisa I'm very happy with the service she supplies.  I'm very dependent on these two wonderful women. Sincerely;

Anne Fisher

For 10 weeks of almost daily care, the team at Little Lift really went the extra mile to try and find creative solutions to my mother's needs. They did it with good humour, gentleness (but also gentle firmness when it was required) and genuine caring. It's been a relief knowing that they were there, as I live out-of-province. I have to thank them for their willingness to adjust to a changing situation, and admire the aplomb with which they handled it all.  I especially liked the ongoing communication reports on my mother's state, which made it easier for me to point them in the right direction for solutions, and for them to alert me when things were going poorly. It made my communication with the medical team and my mother much more effective.

Tara C. Daughter

A huge autumn bouquet to Lisa of “A Little Lift” for her outstanding support of people who are caring for elderly parents in their own homes.  Lisa and her wonderful team are exceptionally caring and creative in adapting activities to the individual.  And whatever your needs are, Lisa will make it work!  These companions are my mother’s best friends, and they always have a great time together.  Whatever your needs are, you can feel confident that Lisa will make it work!

Beefs and Bouquets: Comox Valley Record

A Little lift has been a friend to Nana for almost a year now, and I am continuously (pleasantly) surprised at how supportive, caring and flexible the service is!  I no longer worry that we won't be able to support Nana in every way possible; if there's an issue I can't deal with we contact Lisa and right away her and Jenette have a solution.  It's such a relief to know that Nana has a friend who can help with some of the daily tasks we take for granted or who can simply be there to go for a drive or out for breakfast.  Our family truly appreciates all the help and support A Little Lift provides and we're so lucky to have such a great group of people able to provide this service in our community.  Thank you!

Lindsay McCotter

A BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET of yellow roses which represent friendship, joy and get well. These meanings are what A Little Lift gives to my Mother twice a week for the last five years. She looks so forward to going out with the ladies of A Little Lift. They go for lunch, lovely drives and run errants with her. Most important they share a trusting friendship where they laugh and enjoy one another's company. Thank you so much to Lisa and her team.

Beefs and Bouquets: Comox Valley Record

A MILLION THANKS to Lisa and her wonderful staff at A Little Lift.  These kind and understanding people act as companions to my mother, who is in early stage Alzheimer's. They keep her company in our home when we are not there and take her out for lunch, on walks, sightseeing, you name it! They make it look easy, but it obviously is not, to just strike the right note with their clients, to keep them happy, stimulated and safe.  They always go the extra mile to accommodate our needs.

Beefs and Bouquets: Comox Valley Record

Lisa's "A Little Lift" transport service for seniors in Comox and Courtenay has helped to provide our residents with safe and reliable transportation in our time of need. On numerous occasions we have found ourselves without many transport options, and Lisa's Little Lift have been there with the solution!! Their kind and gentle approach has helped our residents feel safe, and gives us confidence knowing that our residents are in good hands."

                                                                                                            Ole Stangeland, Licensed Practical Nurse

For several years now "A Little Lift" has been a big lift to me. Whatever I need transport they are there for me. They have become trusted friends that I can count on. I recommend you call "A Little Lift" for any transport or other senior service you may need.

Grace Kennedy, Resident at C.V. Seniors Village

I have found the services from “A Little Lift” to be invaluable.  Caring for any aging parent, in this case my Mom, who is 85, can be a difficult and emotional process.  Their caregivers take the time to explain their services and the follow up for a request for additional services, to the owner Lisa, is exceptional.  The services have allowed my Mom the ability to still live on her own and be independent as much as possible.  My mom's caregiver from ‘A Little Lift’ provides her with a lovely twice a week visit and shows her nothing but respect and kindness. The caregiver enhances my Mom’s life through chats together and outings.  These outings can be anything from medical appointments to grocery shopping, or just a lunch or fun time out.  The caregiver(s) are always on time and they take a lot of pride in their work.  My Mom is happy with the support, care and attention given, which in turn eases my stress.  Their overall competence and dependability really adds to my peace of mind in the care of my aging Mom.  I would highly recommend their services.

Gillian Normandin (Executive Director, Comox Valley Family Services Association)

Lisa and her team at A Little Lift provided excellent, prompt and professional service to both my Mom & Dad over the last few years. A Little Lift provided far more than transportation, they provided friendship and outstanding care when family was unavailable to assist. As a daughter who lived in Ontario, Lisa was another key to successful care giving; providing periodic updates to me when she felt there was a concern that needed to be shared with family. I highly recommend Lisa and her colleagues to provide service and support for seniors in the Comox Valley.

Lorilee Down

Now that I am no longer living locally the folks at Little Lift keep me informed and in touch with my Aunt’s well-being.  I’m no longer able to visit as much as I would like to and it’s a huge relief to know that she is receiving regular visits and care beyond basic needs.

Christina Ansel

My 90 year old mother lives at home with my husband and I.  Although we have been clients of A Little Lift for only a few months, we can't imagine how we ever got along without Lisa and her wonderful team!  My mother really looks forward to their visits in our home, their lunches out, and their walks.  Everyone on the team has a gentle, caring and patient manner.  With other relatives living at a distance, these people are like extended family to my mother.  Lisa is a great problem-solver, with a total make-do attitude to address our every need or request.    It should be called "A Big Lift" for the way they add to quality of life for our whole family!

Rosemary Williams

I really have been impressed by the orchestration of your business.  I have coordinated special events and tours for the national parks for over 30 years, so I know there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that makes it look easy on the day of the event. Also, thank you for your careful selection of staff. I think you have chosen well.  

Your Charline has been an angel to our Mom, visiting and helping her when we are not able to be there. Mom's eyes light up when she see's her new "weekly friend".  They sing, read and laugh together.

And what an asset Barenda is; she is strong enough to easily handle lifting Dad from wheelchair to the vehicle, while also being gentle and caring.  Dad appreciates the help and loves to "hitch a ride" with "Lisa's Little Lift".

Lisa, an extreme asset, for which you should be proud, is when I receive a quick one or two-liner about Charline's visit with Mom (which I think Charline does on her own initiative) .  That weekly update means so much to me; being hundreds of kms away and not being able to visit often. She is a real diamond! We love her!

Hugs, Gaileen Irwin

Our family is so pleased to find a reliable, caring and capable company to help us care for our parents. You made our day fabulous last summer! Being so busy ourselves at our daughter's wedding, we were unsure how - or if - we could get my parents from the senior's home to the outdoor wedding at our home. We were thrilled when two "Little Lifters" transported and accompanied our wheelchair-bound parents, and gave them each the one-on-one care they needed through the whole wedding ceremony. What a fantastic service you provide! Thank you, thank you.

Larrie Pottage

I have found "A Little Lift" to be invaluable in assisting our family as we attempt to take care of an ageing parent. Our busy lives don’t allow us to spend as much time with Mom as we’d like to and the care givers from A Little Lift provide extra care and support, providing companionship and activity to Mom’s life. Twice a week they take her from her senior care facility to spend time shopping, or walking or just for a drive and some lunch. The personal interest they have in Mom’s well being is truly appreciated, as they ensure she is dressed appropriately for the weather, and follow up with us to make sure we are aware of any special needs she may have. They are sensitive to her forgetfulness and the time she spends with the ladies at "A Little Lift" brightens her day immensely. Thank you ladies…You make life better for all of our family!

Shelley Gartside

"A Little Lift" has been a Godsend in helping me look after my mother's needs. Lisa has come through with help on very short notice, and she does so with such a "can do" attitude. Thank you to Lisa and her team.


"A Little Lift" saved the day.  I am a retiree who cares full-time for my 90 year old mother.  When the car sold Nov 2010, mother was concerned about how she would transport herself and her pet cat 'Candy' to and from their medical and other appointments in Comox and Courtenay.  We spoke with Handy Dart, who advised they would not transport pets to their vet appointments nor would they offer personalized service accompanying clients to and from appointments.  Mother uses a walker and has a balance issue and requires some personalized assistance.  We learned about "A Little Lift" from a brochure on the bulletin board in the apartment building.  We phoned Lisa who offered a history of the business, insight into the personalized services offered and patiently answered our many questions.  Staff are punctual, friendly, compassionate and patient.  When an appointment is booked, that time slot is guaranteed to the client.  Lisa's team member accompanies mother to her appointments and shopping which often ends with a scenic drive by Point Holmes.   A weight was lifted off mother's shoulders when she learned that "A Little Lift" would take pets to/from their vet appointments.  Staff carry the cat carrier into and out of the vet's office.  "A Little Lift" allows mother to experience independence while offering the caregiver a break.  "A Little Lift" has proven to be a reliable blessing.  March 2011.

Kathy Williams 

Lisa and her team from "A LIttle Lift" have a wonderful, helpful transport for seniors service. Charline is excellent, accommodating and obliging with me at my appointments. She is always so prompt and always has a smile. I look forward to employing "A Little Lift" in the future. Here is to your continued success with " A LIttle Lift".

Anne Inglis

We don’t live in the Comox Valley area and Lisa and her staff are a vital support for my Dad and for me when we can’t be there. Their gentle care has been invaluable. She lets me know how things are going for Dad and is a wonderful organizer and problem solver. Couldn’t do without “A Little Lift”!

Ann/Richard Brown

Over the past six months we have been delighted with the transport services A Little Lift has given our mother, Hedwig. Lisa has caring, thoughtful staff who take her at least three times weekly on outings perfectly suited to her needs in Comox and Courtenay. We are so pleased that Lisa and Hedwig’s companions always keep in touch with us. They regularly advise us of any concerns and of Hedwig’s interests and comments when together. Thank you making such a positive impact in her life! Sincerely,

                                                                                                            Carol and Klaus Jennermann

If you are looking for great service and attentive care then look no farther than A Little Lift. Lisa listens to her clients and does what it takes in what sometimes are challenging circumstances to provide transport and personalized service to seniors. I have no hesitation in placing the care of my parents in Lisa’s hands and I do this every week.


I have been using "A Little Lift" for about 3 years now to provide transportation and outings for an elderly parent. If you want friendly, compassionate, caring, dependable and trustworthy service please call "A Little Lift". They have been wonderful and give my mother "A Little Lift".

Sandi Clifford. Nanaimo BC

When you can't be there yourself, "A Little Lift" is the answer. Lisa, and her employees , have been extremely kind providing transport to my mother Marian and it has made a great difference in her life.

Neil Frazer, Hawaii US

Our mother has enjoyed the friendship and support of Lisa for two years and is onto her third year. Lisa provides an important continuity of versatile care and entertainment to her. As well Lisa lets us know about any significant issue that arises for our mother. She is genuinely a trusted friend "all round". For this we are so happy she offers " A little lift "

K Gislason, Courtenay BC

Gift Certificates Available! for senior services, more than just a taxi service for seniors. Use this certificate to pay for transportation to anywhere in the Comox Valley

Providing Fully Assisted In Home and Transportation Services to Seniors in Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada.  Call 250-890-0636 to book an appointment.